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Poker Faces

Whew… what a weekend! Saturday, Oct. 3 was a memorable day. And not just because of this:

Not only was I busy volunteering at the Red Shoe Council’s Casino Royale, but the Gators were giving Ole Miss a beat down. And I was missing every single glorious second. Thank you to my daddy for texting me throughout the game so I knew what was going on.

Moving on to why I’m writing this post…The Red Shoe Council did a fantastic job on its inaugural Casino Royale, which was held at the 1930 Grande Room in Ybor City. It was a fun night filled with great food, performances by the Aerial Dragons, a silent auction, and popular games like craps, blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em and roulette. I donated my services to be the official photographer of the event, and I donated a holiday portrait package for the silent auction. I’m looking forward to meeting the winning family!

The event space looked great -- the lighting, the centerpieces, the tables and linens all were perfect. As a photographer, I learned this event space is quite challenging because the ceilings are painted black so all of the light is absorbed. I will need to bring a light diffuser the next time I photograph an event there.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the event. You can check out more photos on Blondeshell Studios’s Facebook page.